How it Works

Your ticket buys you entrance into The Manor, 
a gorgeous landscape on the edge of New
York City made live with acres of
outsized spectacle, intoxicating
music, and intimate





If you ever have specific questions or needs, or feel free to contact us directly.



July, 7th, 8th, 9th, 2017

This summer we are creating something new.

The So Lucky experience this summer is three unique nights and two distinct days of events.

You are invited to explore a landscape of music and performance across a dramatically expanded 33-acre gothic manor, including the mansion, the abandoned school, and the first experience of gorgeous meadows with touches of wilderness.

For the thousands of you who have experienced our early events, this will be an expansion, a deepening, an initiation of our full vision.

For those of you new to this experience, be ready to explore a deeply articulated world unlike anything else in New York City.

See below for answers to frequently asked questions.


Where is the So Lucky summer event?

The summer event takes place at The Manor, just north of New York City. It is accessible by car service, limousine, shuttle bus, and helicopter. We will send you the exact address as the date approaches.


Can I drive to The Manor? How do I get there?

Driving is not an option. There is no parking on-site or nearby The Manor, and illegally parked cars will be towed.

Transportation to and from The Manor is available via car services, shuttle busses, limousines, and helicopter.

Please reach out to guests@youaresolucky.com if you’d like more information about transportation options.


Are there sleeping accommodations at The Manor?

No, this is not a camping event and there are no overnight accommodations at The Manor.

The Manor is a quick trip from New York City, and there are several transportation options to get there and back each day. There is no need for special overnight lodging arrangements.

If you are coming from outside of New York City or are traveling internationally and are interested in staying in a hotel, we are more than happy to make recommendations. Please reach out to guests@youaresolucky.com.


Are the Saturday and Sunday experiences different?

Yes, Saturday and Sunday are unique experiences.

Saturday is from 3pm to 3am and includes performances curated by The House of Yes, Caravan Gitane, Shanghai Mermaid, The Hobo Roadshow, The Birds Nest, Nur, and the up-close & personal illusions of The Night Circus.

Sunday is from 12pm to 12am and includes performances curated by Ecstatic Dance, The Get Down, SEMA, Wolf + Lamb, Dizon Collective, The Secret Spa, and a sunset performance by a much-loved, world-renowned artist, to be announced shortly.