This is a story of fire, of granite and gorgeous nights. It's born from generations of artists, of seekers, of fearless creators - consummated in the darkness, on dance floors, in the kisses of strangers. 


On Saturday, July 8th, dozens of artists, performers, dj's and musicians are taking over a once abandoned mansion on the edge of the city and making it into a living work of art.  


you are invited to join us





You are invited to explore a landscape of
music, performance, and spectacle
within a location that is stunning, 
historic, and unlike anything
else in New York. 




The day through the night, will be woven
into a continuous texture of sights
and sounds featuring the best
emerging talent in the world,
from DJ's to live bands
and touches you
would never

(more to be announced)




You are invited to explore the theme
of “orchids & ashes” built across
dozens of rooms, meadows, 
woods, and intimate
music stages.  

...experiences are curated by...