Thank You


 Thank you.

Thank you to everyone who came and made You Are So Lucky the experience that it was.  Thank you to the dozens of artists and creators who poured their soul into this night.  

These events are rare.

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The Feel

photos by Alex Nero


The Look

Photos by Alexander Kusak



You Are So Lucky is a New York Story


For generations, there have been creators in this city whose work was born from the renegade, the temporary autonomous zone, the moments of catharsis that come from the night, even when the politics of the world feel grinding and impossible. 

We feel that this city has a soul. It is at turns brutal, and unstoppable, it is both cruel and generous, gritty and glamorous, fortuitous and fickle, but always, always, it whispers a soft but unsubtle "fuck yes" into the ears of anyone wondering if they should take that chance... 

This is the spirit of these events.


You Are So Lucky