You Are So Lucky


On Saturday, July 8th, dozens of artists, performers, musicians and dj's are taking over a once abandoned mansion on the north edge of the city, and converting it into a living work of art.


you are invited to join us



The clouds have cleared, the weather looks perfect, we have an unbelievable line-up staged across a gorgeous set of nights… kiss the sky, sip champagne, bring the people you love, and step into what might just be the best weekend of your life. 

You Are So Lucky
Saturday, July 8th
3pm to 3am
(and later...)


The Manor

Uber/Lyft/Car Service to

1141 North Broadway
Yonkers, New York 10701


The ride to The Manor is about 35 minutes.  Free shuttles will be provided from the train, and there are party bus and party boat options as well.  

For full transportation options, click here

(please do not drive. no private cars. there is no parking on-site or nearby. car services only, thank you.)



Tickets are $88 and grants you access to all hours at The Manor.

Click here for tickets.

Premium tickets earns your way into the Pretty Box from The Box presents.

(tickets available at the door with credit/debit but it's *highly* recommended to buy tickets in advance for fastest, smoothest entry)


The Location

On the edge of New York City with the towers of Manhattan to the south and the Hudson River to the west, a historic mansion, and its gorgeous rambling grounds have been taken over by 125 artists, performers, musicians, and madmen to create an experiential landscape unlike anything else in New York City.



The clouds have cleared and it's going to be a gorgeous weekend, with sunshine through the afternoon and beautifully cool nights.  

The sunset on Saturday is looking to be one of those “forever” memories, with a beautiful view of open sky, Bob Moses playing the mansion stage, masseuses in the meadow, cocktails and artful feats in the gardens and the sun turning the clear sky crimson...  

After sunset, the party moves into The Mansion...
...for a night that will be as decadent as it is delirious, as artful as it is dancefloor, as indescribable now as it will be next week when you show the photos to your friends.


The Experiences

A 72 room mansion will light the night, with dozens of performers, secret rooms, sanctuaries, and sanctums.  The whole of the New York City underground is coming together to make this night unlike anything else that will happen this year.

we are thrilled to announce

The Box Presents is bringing its new pop-up hotel experience 'Pretty Box' to You Are So Lucky this Saturday. endless mansion spread across four floors  made live by:

| The Box Presents | House of YES | Caravan Gitane | Wolf + Lamb | Shanghai Mermaid | The Danger | The Get Down | Ecstatic Dance NYC | Dina Nur Satti | Dizon Collective | The Lightning Society | SEMA | Alex Nero | Dilara Erbay | The Hobo Roadshow | The Night Circus |


The Music

Announcing the additions of two of New York City's favorites playing into the late night.

Brian Cid & Francis Harris

Arrive by 7pm or the sunset live set by Bob Moses

...explore the intimate stages and dancefloors throughout the Manor with dark bass beats to vintage jazz to elegant, tribal house by...

Chaim | Miss Melera | Dramian / Mayan Warrior | 
The Sorry Entertainer | 
Concret | El Mundo | Carrot Green | 
KMLN | PONY | Sweet Megg & The Wayfarers | Experimen.tal | 2Melo | Tasha Blank | Joro Boro | Liason | The Vintage DJ |  Brian Cid |  Francis Harris


You Are So Lucky is a New York City Story

For generations, there have been creators in this city whose work was born from the renegade, the temporary autonomous zone, the moments of catharsis that come from the night, even when the politics of the world feel grinding and impossible. 

We feel that this city has a soul. It is at turns brutal, and unstoppable, it is both cruel and generous, gritty and glamorous, fortuitous and fickle, but always, always, it whispers a soft but unsubtle "yes" into the ears of anyone wondering if they should take that chance... 

This is the spirit of these events.
You are invited to join us. 

You Are So Lucky